• "We go to win"
    The client’s needs and goals are always our focus. We don’t always rush immediately to the courthouse – but when we go, we go to win.
    Vic Houston Henry
  • "Hitting the mark"
    Hitting the mark for clients often involves anticipating challenges, and requires proactive strategies that deliver exceptional results.
    Michael G. Oddo
  • "Insightful Strategies"
    Understanding the right plan of action only comes from years of experience. We provide insightful strategies that target your objectives.
    Vinay B. Patel
  • "We have your back"
    Whether strategizing a plan of attack, defending our client’s interests, our mission is ultimately the same - we have your back.
    Tanya Tyer Smitherman
  • "We take it personally"
    Our clients' objectives, concerns and needs are of utmost important to us. We take their success personally and strive for achieving results for them.
    Lane Fletcher

Our Firm

We are a law firm with focus. Since May 1, 1997, we have been focused on the needs and goals of our clients.  We have been to the U.S. Supreme Court, Texas Small Claims Court, and courts at every level in between to advance our clients’ goals and meet their legal needs.  We invite you to learn about our practice, meet our professionals, and, if your needs and goals dictate, contact us to discuss if we are the right lawyers for your interests.

Our Practices

For more than 20 years, Henry, Oddo, Austin & Fletcher, P.C. has provided North Texas with trusted counsel through state and federal trials and appeals in a variety of litigation matters such as mass tort, products liability and personal injury defense, transportation, insurance (coverage disputes, property and casualty defense and self-insured claims), commercial disputes, employment matters, and community associations.

Our Talent

Henry, Oddo, Austin & Fletcher, P.C. employs  a variety of legal talent. We have genuine concern for helping our clients reach their objective, and we relentlessly pursue our clients interests. Our attorneys have many years of experience in courts at every level, and have gained recognition in Texas and nationally for their expertise, responsiveness and effectiveness.