Mass Tort & Products Liability

For our clients facing product liability, negligence and toxic tort issues, we attack mass tort claims arising out of exposure to toxic materials and substances. We have been successfully defending solvent and benzene claims for over twenty years in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Colorado, Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, West Virginia, Illinois, California, Arizona, Washington, and Oregon. We have defended products exposure cases ranging from asbestos to zinc.  We have shielded our clients from claims arising from products as varied as benzene, cattle feed, computer software, pharmaceuticals, internet services, vehicles, industrial equipment, landfills, mining and oil and gas operations and a myriad of other products. We represent manufacturers, distributors, sellers and employers in product cases. Our firm serves as national counsel and as Texas regional counsel in mass tort defense programs, and we have also been called on by coordinating counsel to be Texas trial counsel in individual matters. 

Our mass tort lawyers are skilled in handling complex litigation involving issues of chemical exposure, allegedly defective products, warnings and hazard communications, and an ever changing variety of litigation theories asserted against product manufacturers. We have extensive experience working with top epidemiology, toxicology, industrial, occupational health, and other experts significant to this litigation.

We have significant experience working within insurance coverage arrangements or self-insurance programs and molding consistent defense strategy positions within necessary factual, legal and risk management guidelines.  We have advocated for our clients in state and federal trial and appellate courts, and in both the Texas and U.S. Supreme Courts on product liability cases.

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