National, Regional & Local Counsel

Our attorneys serve as national coordinating counsel and Texas regional counsel for a leading global manufacturing company on toxic tort matters. We also provide trusted counsel nationwide on transportation and logistics matters and have been admitted into federal courts in nearly every state to protect our clients' interests. We manage litigation for our clients' in-house legal teams by selecting and training local attorneys, controlling consistency of pleadings and discovery, selecting and developing expert witnesses, and managing litigation strategies to achieve a unified goal.

We also provide the highest quality local counsel services, particularly in federal court.  Our successful local counsel engagements include representing some of the world’s largest corporations from case filing through trials and appeals.  Our attorneys, including former United States District Court law clerks, are intimately familiar with Texas federal courts and their likes and dislikes. We diligently and capably take care of local procedure so that out-of-town counsel can focus on the merits of presenting the client's case most effectively. Our representative experience as local counsel includes intellectual property, insurance defense, commercial and business disputes, and more. 

Attorneys Experienced in this Practice Area
Emileigh S. Hubbard
(214) 658-1922
Lane Fletcher
(214) 658-1907
Vic Houston Henry
(214) 658-1914
Tanya Tyer Smitherman
(214) 658-1923