Property Owners & Community Associations

Commonly known as "HOAs," homeowner and condominium associations provide numerous benefits to communities and property owners. Homeowners' associations have spread prolifically throughout the country, particularly in Texas, which has given rise to unique disputes and legal issues. More recently, legislative initiatives have imposed additional obligations on the corporate governance of homeowners' associations.  Our attorneys have a wealth of experience in resolving disputes and advising property owners associations on these complicated legal issues.

Our work includes the formation of associations, working with property developers and declarants to establish the legal framework for a variety of types of property owners associations. We also assist the developer during the transition of responsibilities to the association's homeowner board of directors, and provide general counsel to homeowner elected board of directors. We provide a variety of legal services pertaining to governance of associations, and when necessary, we protect and defend the associations during litigation. 

The ability to work with individual owners, association boards, management companies, and association vendors is critical to effectively resolving the wide range of legal disputes that arise. We respond quickly to address disputes before they fester into larger problems. Our attorneys recognize that conflict resolution is crucial to allowing a property owner association to function as intended.

We provide a wide range of indispensable services to address the needs of our property owner association and management company clients. Some representative examples of our services include the following:

  • Prepare documents necessary to form and govern the association.
  • Advise association directors on governance issues.
  • Assist the association’s board of directors in enforcing bylaws and covenants.
  • Monitor association votes and elections.
  • Attend association meetings to provide explanations of the association’s rights and responsibilities, to help maintain rules of order, and to address issues of concern to members and directors.
  • Assist association boards in interpreting governing documents.
  • Draft proposed revisions to association governing documents to clarify issues of governance and owner responsibilities.
  • Work with the association’s board and management companies in dealing with property owners and contractors.
  • Assist the association’s boards and management companies in collecting association dues.


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