Transportation & Logistics

Our clients in the transportation industry rely on us to handle road, surface, logistics, and air injury, accident and damage cases, cargo damage, delay, and collection matters.  We represent transportation companies in local, state and federal courts across the nation.  Our firm includes members of the Transportation Lawyers Association and the Conference of Freight Counsel (of which Vic Henry is a former Chairman).  We have particular expertise in transportation litigation claims, including intrastate, interstate, and international shipments of cargo and household goods.  We successfully protect our clients’ rights to limit their liability, enforce tariff provisions, transportation agreements and conditions of service, as well as defeat cargo claims that do not comply with applicable tariffs, regulations and statutes. 

We don't approach truck, train, logistics, and air accident litigation like basic motor vehicle negligence cases. The complexity of the issues and the potential seriousness of the accidents involved demand that we work with our clients within minutes after an accident occurs to make sure that an immediate investigation is performed in a litigation-quality manner. Our firm also provides insurance coverage advice in connection with transportation-related actions.

The following are reported decisions reflecting some of our successful outcomes for our transportation clients:

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Von Der Ahe v. 1-800-Pack-Rat, LLC, et al, No. 3:21-CV-2526-B, 2022 WL 3579895 (N.D. Tex. Aug. 19, 2022) and 2022 WL 1018398 (Apr. 5, 2022)
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